What Does Change Look Like?

I'm thinking out loud here, but I hope you'll indulge me.

I hadn't gotten on the scale for quite a while.  Months in fact.  I knew what it would say and I didn't want to face it really.  So I avoided it.  I'd make little efforts here and there to eat a little healthier, but they'd last for about 5 seconds and then I would fall off the wagon and eat like a horse again.

This week, I finally stepped on the scale.  It confirmed what I already knew was true.  Actually, it was worse than I had thought.  I'd been kidding myself.

I have lots of reasons for why I struggle with weight.  There are many justifications.  However, I NEED to change something.

In the past, I've focused mainly on changing my eating.  That has worked for me before.  However, the period of time in my life was very different to where I am in my life now.  My lifestyle is different, my relationships are different, I am different.  Even where I live and spend my days is different.

So that means that I need a different plan.  I need one that will work for where I am today.

I am also seeing that there are lots of areas of my life that have lacked intentionality.  I can see that, while I have a lot of flexibility in my daily life, it's actually been killing me.  I don't have a traditional job.  That means I don't have a traditional schedule or routine.  I've allowed myself to live as a 'free spirit' in regards to schedule.

Today, I realized that this isn't really working on my behalf.  In fact, it's working against me.  So today, I am going to start working on a life plan.

Will things get in the way of my life plan?  Yes!  Will I have to let go of my life plan at times?  Yes!  Will I have to make exceptions in my life plan?  Yes!  But does that mean I have to throw my life plan in the toilet? NOOOOOOOO!

So, what does change look like? For me, it means making a plan that doesn't just include eating the right foods.  It includes planning to spend my time wisely and make intentional choices for how to do that.

Here's to change!


  1. Wishing you all the best with your changes.
    I too have to make some changes and I do, then something happens and instead of saying "Oh well life happened lets pick it up again" I say " well that went to pot" and don't continue.
    So here is to change...change for the better :)

  2. I love intentionality! Because without it, things just happen. With intentionality, you have a purpose and can learn to be flexible with that purpose. This is great.


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