Hello Wednesday -- A winner, A new layout and a Halloween Story

We have a winner!

Congratulations Tzipora!  Get your info to me and I'll mail out your stamps right away!

Today, I'd also like to show a layout and a little story.  I recently shared a layout about our family's love for Halloween candy.  I also mentioned in that layout that our family does not celebrate Halloween and I thought I'd share a little of the history behind that decision.

When I was a girl, we never celebrated Halloween.  I can remember feeling angry at my mother, because it was mainly her conviction that drove the decision.  She felt it was a day that honored the Devil and she didn't want to take part.

Fast forward a few years to when I was old enough to make my own decisions.  The very first time Halloween came around, I jumped on the chance to celebrate.  I rented a costume from the local outlet and was a court jester (and a waitress, had to work that night).  I thought I was pretty cool!

A year later, I was a new mother, but my daughter was only a month old when Halloween came around so we pretty much ignored it.  The next year, we ignored it again, but that third year, we couldn't resist decking our sweet little Kaitlin out in a cow suit.  She was the cutest little Bessie anyone ever did see.

However, I began to feel icky about participating.  It's not that I personally intended to honor Satan with my participation, but something niggled at my mind.  I began to do research and came across a small booklet called 'The Facts on Halloween'.  It's a quick read and presents information about the history of Halloween.

What I liked most about the booklet is that it presented information without in any way suggesting the reader MUST end with a particular opinion.  The authors leave the decision squarely in the hands of the reader.  In our case, we felt that we just didn't want to participate any longer.  After all that, I ended up agreeing with my mother's original stance.

It's funny how sometimes we have to take the long way around, but if I hadn't done the research myself, I wouldn't have really owned the thing I decided to take my stand on.

I'm not standing in judgement over what other families have decided to do, but this is what we have chosen.  We've often said that our first priority was to honor God and since it seemed to us that celebrating Halloween would take away from that goal, we decided to say 'NO' to Halloween.  Hope that clears up any questions anyone has about the why's.  If not feel free to ask.

And now for the Lily Bee layout based on my sketch.  You can see the sketch and participate in the challenge at this post.

I got out my embossing powders for this page and did the polaroid frames is red, yellow and pale blue to blend with the collection colors.

My Sodalicious goodies finally came in so I got to use those super fun wood veneer chevrons!

And here you see my 'still all time favorite thickers ever', the exclusives from Glee Club about a year ago now.  Still love that kit!  You'll also notice that I used those awesome Lily Bee stamps from the Autumn Spice collection quite a bit.  Love how crisply they stamp the image.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Love your layout, especially the embossed Polaroids. I've always wondered about celebrating Halloween...

  2. Great layout! Love those polaroids.

  3. I have never been big on Halloween for me ... and luckily my kids have only done the trick/treating thing and not want to do the gross, scary stuff... cause I would draw the line there! lol! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee your lo! LOVING the photos, the colors and loveeeeeeeee the chevrons!!!

  4. Great layout Ursula, I love how you used the embossing powder on the polaroid frames-super cool. I love those thickers too, sadly I was not a subscriber then-boo!

  5. mmmmmmm! Yum! Are you sure that layout isn't about what I love? Great layout. Love the chevrons.

  6. I LOVE your layout - the polaroids are super cool. While I am a huge fan of Halloween and typically go all out, I respect your reasons not to celebrate.

  7. Great layout, love the wood elements and the photos. I definitely take advantage of the Halloween candy too lol

  8. Love that u shared the truth about Halloween - we also don't celebrate for the same reason. But sure love the harvest parties at church and candy!

  9. Congrats Tzipora. Love Halloween candy--way to much. I love the vintage stuff we sometimes come across. But plain old Hershey Choco bar is my favorite.

  10. Woohoo, my first ever win! I love those stamps! I'm going to message you through Studio Calico because it seems easiest.That or I just get distracted by your gorgeous layouts trying to figure out how to contact you from your blog. ;) Thanks so, so much! :)

  11. I loved reading your story. To be honest I have no moral issue with halloween but I could live without it. All the money spent on costumes to be worn once or twice makes me cringe. And my kids never want to be anything that uses stuff we already have. Plus my oldest daughter has life threatening food allergies which makes it a very stressful holiday!


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