Hello Thursday -- Instagram Frame tutorial

Does it drive anyone else nuts that you can't get just a frame and not a filter in the Instagram app?  I'd like full customization thank you!

Well, I figured out a work around and thought I'd share it with you all today.

1. Open your Instagram photo in Photoshop or Elements should work to.

2. Use the marquee tool to draw a box just outside of a photo that has the frame you'd like to use.

3. Go to select and choose modify, smooth.

4.  Choose a sample radius of 7 pixels.  (this number varies based on the resolution of your image, play with it if that doesn't work for you)

It will look like this, see the rounded corners.

5.  Now you will invert the selection by going to Select - Inverse, or hitting Shift+Control+I

Your selection should now look like this.

6.   Copy the selection by hitting Control + C. Create a new document by hitting Control+N, or going to file New.  When it pops up the box, choose a transparent background and hit OK.  Simply paste your selection into the new document.  It should look like the photo below.

7.  Now, add it to whichever photo you want.  What started like this photo below.

Now looks like this!

I recommend saving your frames in png format so you can use them again and again.

There are a couple of frames in the instagram that don't exactly fit the same but you can manipulate things and get it to work.  Have fun!


  1. Yes! I'm not crazy about some of the filters but I do like the frames. It would be nice to have more options! :)

  2. That is pretty cool! I have a set of frames that I downloaded for free, at the time, that have a set of frames and actions to achieve the Instagram look. They are by Gennifer Bursett: http://www.designhousedigital.com/gennifer-bursett/toolbox-action-v2

  3. This is an awesome tip. I love photoshop!

  4. What a fun tutorial, Ursula! You rock these:)

  5. Thanks for sharing this tip! I'm going to give it a try!


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