Hello Monday -- Kits

Hi friends!  I know some of you enjoy seeing how I pull out my Studio Calico kits and pack them up.  I didn't get the whole process quite down this time, but I did snap a few pics.

This first one is akin to 'pull it all out and throw it down!'

Then I lay everything out, papers in color order to properly admire.  I turn up the sides I think I'm most likely to use.

I also lay out the embellishments, alphas together, stamps together and so forth.  Well, usually, though this time I was careless and didn't get the stamps together.

Here they are at a few different angles so I can see it all.

And this is all of it together in one fell swoop.

I put the whole thing into a crop envelope from Michael's recollection colloection and label the name of the kit and the month it is released.  I also stamp the images on a sheet of copy paper to include in the kit, but I file the stamps in my stamp notebooks so I know I can find them easily and they won't risk being bent or misplaced.

Have a great day.


  1. I don't get their kits anymore, but so much fun to see what you got this month! :)
    Looks like a lot of fun stuff!

  2. Love your process and I especially love that you stamp your images to include with your kit!

  3. Their kits always seem so tempting...

  4. I am absolutely not being negative here, but I have to say "Wow! That is a lot of stuff!" When I was subscribing I only got the main kit - no add-ons and it was never that much stuff. So I'm assuming you get one or more add-ons, and that is why there is so much there. Just Wow! But you use it, and use it well, so more power to you girl!

  5. I only got the main kit this month, and I miss all the addons. I had to pull alot from my stash to finish up the kit (I don't think it went together very well)...but it's good I use up my stash.


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