Hello Friday -- Takin' a Break

Hello friends.  As I post this, I'm working on getting our family ready for a trip to visit our daughter and then hang in the White Mountains for a while.  We'll be visiting Maddie for the first time since her treatment began. After that, we'll travel to the high country of Arizona and take in a bit of fall color (I hope, should God have been busy putting it on display) and a bit of fishing, hiking and relaxation. (do we know how to do that??)

I've got my stack of reading material all planned and ready to go!  That is, after all, the most important bit.

I'm planning to take the Studio Calico photography class so I'm hoping to be able to participate in that while I'm away and use some of the ideas while we're on our trip.

So, this little layout will have to tide all you wonderful readers over until I get back in a while!  I'll miss you!  You all make each day brighter with your sweet comments. You do know that don't you?!  I read every single one!  I love them!  It's such a good feeling to share something that you love with others who love it just as much!!

Since I'm heading up to hopefully see some fall color this week, I thought I'd share this one with you in the hopes it will mean good luck for me and my camera as we seek out the changing aspens in the White Mountains!  Wish me luck!

This layout features one of the latest Lily Bee Designs collections, Autumn Spice.  It's full of rich, warm colors and easy to use patterns.  Honestly, I'm not a big fan of themey papers so the Lily Bee papers suit me perfectly since they'll blend with most anything I want to use.

I have to just briefly tell you about this photo.  I took it last winter as part of my December Daily project.  Right in the middle of December because fall color, if it happens at all (you have to search far and wide to find any trees that have leaves that will change in the desert) happens in December.  So I was at Target and they had these beautiful oak trees in the parking lot.

They were a blaze of reds and browns and I had to pull out my big camera, which happened to be with me, to snap a few pics.  This photo in particular made my heart sing.  How is it that you can capture such an image in the middle of a parking lot?  But I did.  Soon, I need to blow this up on canvas and hang it on my wall.  It makes me that happy!

You all have a wonderful week and I'll be back before you know it!


  1. Enjoy the White Mountains. Hopefully there will be some Fall colors up there for you. :-)

    Sigh....I miss the White Mountains. Now I wanna go.

  2. that's a beautiful layout. enjoy your visit.. and relax. yes.. try to shut off all the 'modern' day stuff... do lots of reading and maybe writing, the old school type. not on computer. :) i hear it's healing.

    kisses to Maddie.

  3. this is awesome. Happy you are going to spend some time with your DD. Enjoy your trip away dear girl

  4. Totally in love with this page! Enjoy your visit and time off!

  5. I hope you have a great vacation!! I loveeeeeeeeee your lo!!!! That photo is amazing!!!!

  6. Enjoy your trip! Such a stunning page - love that you took this in a parking lot but hey, if it's beautiful and rare..why not! LOL!!

  7. Beautiful layout! Enjoy your trip!!! :)

  8. WOW - this is an incredible layout!

  9. Have a great trip - and special time with Maddie as well as relaxing afterwards.

  10. Enjoy your time away!! I hope that your visit is wonderful and that you get lots of r and r too. :)

  11. BEAUTIFUL layout--enjoy the time away with your family!

  12. found your blog tonight.... I am now following your gorgeous work and precious words... I can relate on so many levels... oh so many.

  13. I love this picture. I live in Colorado where I get the chance to view lots of colors so I love that you took the opportunity to catch it when and where you could! Gorgeous layout. Lily Bee Autumn Spice is one of my fave new fall lines too. You did great with it.


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