Hello Wednesday -- Yay for awesome storms!

We have had the most wonderful storm this afternoon!  I wasn't able by any stretch of the imagination to really capture it on my camera but I have to tell you it was exhilarating. I took a few shots from my balcony before the wind forced me inside!  The wind came whipping through in Hurricane fashion and the next thing was 40 minutes at least of extreme rain.  Yay for the desert!!!

You can see in the middle a huge brown dust cloud headed our way from a nearby construction site.  I watched it from its inception until it had covered us here.  About 3 or 4 minutes.  But the rain cleared that right up!

So I'm sure you'd like to see another layout.  Here's one from my collection of Scrapbook Circle layouts from the August kits.  I'm starting with my process for this layout as I haven't shared on of these in a while.

I began with the white painted wood paper from the kit and added strips all the way around from various papers. I also tucked in some punched shapes.

Next, I started layering.  Of course, I layed all these out first for placement, but I want to show how things were constructed.  The items you see in the next photo were the bottom layers which I needed to either sew or adhere to the page. (yellow fabric is a flower from the kits that I took apart and used as border material.)

Added photos, bad and a tag.

And the final product looks like this.  This is the place where the top details get added.  Little stickers, brads, title, etc.

and some detail shots.

If you care to read the next installment of my story, click here!

See ya'll next time!


  1. great page! love the bright colors against the wood paper!

  2. Your page is really beautiful! I love the color and the way you framed the wood paper. You should do process videos...or do you already? I would love to see your process in action, I bet you would get a ton of followers on youtube!

  3. Love that picture of the storm!! WOW! And the layout is beautiful! When I got my Scrapbook Circle kit this month I really liked the colors, you have done a beautiful job here!

  4. Beautiful! You really have an eye for mixing colors!

  5. cute layout, love seeing others' process! also, this background is way too cool

  6. I absolutely love that!!! Wonderful LO! I am so going to lift this!

  7. Amazing pic of the storm! Love your step out pics and the end...beautiful!!

  8. Great layout! Love seeing your process and steps.

  9. yeah for storms in the desert! :) LOVE this detailed layout--FABULOUS!


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