Hello Thursday

I wanted to share some questions I ask myself from time to time.  I will tell you straight up that I'm inclined to think that many of you will relate to the things I share.  Of course, not in exactly the same manner, but I'm a believer that most of us have a whole lot more in common than gets voiced.  Sooooo, I"m guessing I'm not the only one who thinks things like......

Why do I feel like if someone disagrees with me, it means that they don't like me?
Why do I think I need to prove that I am worthwhile person to literally everyone I come into contact with?
Why do I even care if the guy in the line behind me at McDonald's thinks I'm a worthwhile person?

Yep, those kinds of thoughts traverse the space between my ears far more regularly than I'd like.  My intellect knows that I should throw those particular thoughts in the trash.  My heart is afraid that somehow that wouldn't be a good idea.  And forever the two shall war.

Nothing further on that, but I just thought I'd put it on the table in case anyone else has similar conversations inside their own heads.  Anyone???

For those of you who don't have such thoughts, feel free to refrain from comment.  I can't understand you, nor you me and that is ok.  We probably wouldn't agree anyway and then I'd be afraid you wouldn't like me. LOL

Now, what can I show and tell today???  Let's see, here is one I did a few weeks ago for Lily Bee Design.  I pretty much love how it turned out. I did a design sense tutorial over on the Lily Bee Blog if you care to have a look.

I had lots of fun with my Creative Memories hexagon punches.

And lately, foam squares are my best buddy.  Love raising things up!

I hope your day is inspired!


  1. WOW that layout is stunning, LOVE the colours and design.

    Oh and i have the same thoughts going through my head, i wish i could be that person that does not care but i do!

  2. Gorgeous!!!! As always! Love that picture too. I absolutely think things like that. I'm too much of a people pleaser. I work for my Pastors and they constantly tell me, "Everyone's not always going to like you and that's okay." but I can't sleep at night if I think there's someone out there who dislikes me. I am trying to move past caring what people think but it's an innate part of who I am. So I feel ya!

  3. I used to be a lot more bothered about what people thought of me but I realised that I cannot change anyone else so why worry? I do worry about people liking my daughter a great deal more though! I love this layout, Ursula. You are definitely one of those people who can make hexagons work!

  4. Recognizable... And imho it boils down to insecurity.. What I would give to be less insecure.. And although I wish my skin was thicker, I like the sensitive me.. It's just who I am..

    Love your layout by the way! So bright!

  5. Oh, Hess I was the neighborhood hostess with the mostess. If everyone had a good time, I was accepted. I am much older, moved too many times. Fewer friends. Now I realize the only people I need to impress are my husband and children, but I have even accepted I can't please them all the time. Wow, my life is so much more relaxed now :). Great layout.

  6. great work! And I ask myself stuff like that all the time, so you know you are not alone:)

  7. your layout is absolutely gorgeous!!

  8. I really like the title, great color combo too!

  9. I have those same thoughts in my head just about everyday and more! ::sigh::
    Check out my blog and you'll see what I mean!
    Love your layout! The handmade title looks great - really fun!

  10. In this way, I can in fact very much relate to your thinking!

  11. I love what you did with those hexagons and how you placed them!

  12. Love the tridimensional work here
    great page!

  13. Great work, Ursula - fresh looking page! And yes, you're right, most of us are thinking/asking ourselves the same thing...we all feel more alone than what we really are!
    Great Days,

  14. What a pretty and lively page! I'm always bending over backward trying to make people like me - it doesn't matter who! Somewhere along the line, I've learned that I like myself better when I am kind to others. I have not learned how to keep people who are so inclined from taking advantage of me, however...

  15. No question in my mind - your thoughts are so incredibly common, I almost think they could be the definition of human. Yeah, sure, there are some who are better at answering the questions "it doesn't matter", but the fact remains, we all wrestle with the questions and the thoughts. The devil will use anything to take our mind off the King of King and Lord of Lords. This is one of his best tools.

    And, let me assure you, just because I don't agree with someone (you, my sister, a stranger) about something doesn't mean I don't like them. So why would I assume the reverse is not the case? Because I'm full of self worship and want everyone to like me and affirm me by agreeing with me. Silly me!

  16. love it Ursula!!!! and you are not the only one with those thoughts...lol...I am standing there with you!

  17. I know what you mean, Ursula, to such a degree that I bend over backward to please people in order for them to like me. Ugh.

  18. Such a fresh take on the hexagons with the various inclusions (hearts and triangles)! Beautiful sentiments too!


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