Hello Thursday - A Washi inspired layout

Hi friends.  Ugh!  Just wanted to say that humidity makes me........hot.  Enough said.

However, I'm currently living in a house that is full of people from the central West coast of Mexico.  They have no sympathy for my plight.  They actually think it's dry here.  Crazy people I tell ya!

Due to the humidity, I am unable to do anything creative.  Instead, I must hold my hand to my forehead and try not to faint. (anyone picturing Scarlet O'Hara???  You're on the right track!)

Ok, that's not really the reason, but I was having a wonderful lunch with a very dear friend/adopted sister.  Dear Rebecca and I suffered ourselves unto The Cheesecake Factory (where they have real air-conditioning instead of swamp cooling).  (I have a sense that I'm garnering a great deal of empathy from all of you....right?)  And therefore, I couldn't create.

However, I have a washi tape inspired project to share with you which I made for the famous and fabulous Freckled Fawn!

I put a challenge out there for all the FF readers to try their hand at banners.  Of course, I had to create some kind of an inspiration starting point.  Here is my banner inspired washi project.

All the tapes came from Doe over at Freckled Fawn so do be sure you check out the shop if you find you get a hankering for some of what you see on my page.

I'll point out a few of the things I did a little differently for this page.

The first thing to note is that I created my own sewn garland from the washi tape, lace and note paper shapes.   I punched the shapes I wanted to use and simply fed them through my sewing machine, allowing 2 or 3 stitches between each piece.

I also used the Studio Calico Elmwood Park goodies to complete the components of my page.

I used some of the 'To Do' sticky notes to punch out a tab shape using the Jenni Bowlin tab punch.  You'll also see the pieced strip below.  I had taped several tapes on a piece of copy paper to make some 'washi paper' from which I could punch my shapes.  Then, after I'd punched what I needed, I simply trimmed some narrow pieces to create those strips.

I guess that's it for now.  Have a beautiful Thursday!


  1. love love love love your garland!! super adorable! and we have humidity and heat all year round here.. LOL.

  2. I just LOVE THIS! Love all your great pictures of it too. So awesome!

  3. Oh this is so gorgeous Ursula. Hope you can cool down soon xxx

  4. Fabulous layout!!! I love your banner!!!

  5. Gorgeous layout! Great banner and I love those cute photo's and the to do list!

  6. that a fun layout! i've been seeing a lot of those resin flowers lately, where are they from?

  7. aw so cute, and I hear you on the heat, I just want to sleep when it gets that hot

  8. Beautiful page! Love your "washi" banner!

  9. TOTALLY feel your pain--Gilbert is NASTY right now too! LOVE your page!!

  10. The garland is wonderful. What a cutie. Great layout.

  11. Such a fun and funky banner, love all the teeny tiny touches!!


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