Hello Monday -- My favorite shots from vacation

Hey ya'll quick post today.  I'm just gonna share a couple of photos today. I thought about sharing a layout, but I don't want to take away from the impact I am hoping these photos make.

These are my absolute favorites from the whole trip.  I do find myself wishing I could have had more time to really focus on these locations more carefully and in a variety of lighting.

Realizing that will not happen takes me to a place that say's 'work with what you have'.  I have Tucson, AZ which is full of some pretty amazing landscapes so I'm hoping to focus myself a bit more on discovering the shots that exist right here on the homefront.

With that, here are my two absolute favorite images from our trip.

Pigeon Point Light Station

The next image was taken 180° from the first.

I suppose some would say these are over-saturated.  There is actually very little post-processing, the scene was unlike any I've ever viewed before.  I may put these on canvas and find a spot in my home for them.

And a quick FYI, I will be getting back to sharing more of my story but time has been short so I've had to put it off.  If you've been reading, I want to say THANK YOU!

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  1. Wow! Those are just fantastic!!

  2. OK i would so buy these canvases LOL they are AMAZING shots, you are amazing

  3. Just beautiful photos, Ursula. What a stunning location!

  4. Stunning pictures. I think they'd be beautiful canvases xxx

  5. I always take one picture from each of our trips and put it on a canvas. I have a wall of canvas prints in our house. Those pictures are gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous photos...I've posted to everyone with pics, that I am living my summer vacation vicariously through you'all as we continue to stay at home and work on our patio. Thanks for sharing.

  7. such beautiful photos, i'm quite obsessed with lighthouse, i find them so magical!
    over exposed pictures are my favorite too


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