Hello Wednesday -- Have I Been Gone THAT LONG!?

Wow!  I have missed you all.  My hubs still doesn't exactly understand why I want to do this everyday, but it's like talking to a few hundred of your best friends.  I love you girls.

I can't even tell you how much it warms my heart that you come, you read and my favorite part of all, you leave me so many sweet, loving and thoughtful comments.  Over these last weeks especially, I've been so blessed to read  your comments as you share your own stories of heartbreak with me.

Some of you have left them for all to see.  Some of you have sent them to me personally. I want you to know that I have read every single one.  I've prayed over you and your stories and asked God to touch the raw places with a sweet healing salve.  I am honored that you would share with me and I want you to know that.

Today, I get to share a project I created for Freckled Fawn recently.  It features a photo that has been one of my most favorite of my daughter Kaitlin.  She's almost 20 now, but here, she's just 3 years old. She's wearing a dress that I sewed for her out of a lovely daisy fabric.  It was Easter morning and she is so darn smiley.

What a blessing children are.  And the memories we mama's cherish!! Ahh, so sweet.

These are the supplies I used to create this project.  I just loved how they looked all laid out so I had to snap a photo.

From Freckled Fawn,  I have the Stickies - To Do List, Vintage Style Adhesive Labels, French Lace Doilies, Grey Airmail Washi, Yellow FF Airmail Washi (my new favorite!), Silver Glitter Tape, Aqua Confetti Washi, Yellow Starburst Washi.

From Scarlet Bird Designs, Moment's Collection Die Cuts.  And lots of other odds and ends that made my heart go pitter pat.

And there she is!  Is this not the cutest child you've ever seen?!  And is that not the BEST yellow airmail washi?!

I had lots of fun stacking up layers of paper, tissue paper and whatnot to get some dimension.

Hexagon love.  Note that I taped the airmail tape on some standard copy paper and punched it out!  Works like a charm.

I'm really enjoying the subtle colors on this page.

Please not the precious 'White Bunny' . White Bunny was the love of her dear sweet life for a few years before he was lost forever.  So glad we have photos to remember him by.

I would love to write you some more story but I am pressed for time just now.  If you're the praying sort, you might pray a bit for me that I will find the time and the words to continue the story well.  Each installment has been a labor of love.  I love writing, and I truly love to share my heart with others if it has any chance of bringing hope to someone else.



  1. those photos are adorable!!! like you, i love the softer colors :)

  2. This is so beautiful. Love all the details!

  3. Lovely kit and your page is awesome!!! I have washi envy after seeing that yellow airmail strip washi!!!

  4. Loving the yellow and blue together. great page!

  5. I love your layout! So beautifull picture and so many details!

  6. Fabulous layout, and I love the pics of your sweet girl, they grow so fast, don't they?

  7. Love this! these photos are so sweet - I love her pigtails! That washi tape is super fun. Great yellow color!

  8. Beautiful page! Love the layering and all the little details!

  9. ok so i seriously love this... All the little things are amazing. Love the stamping, washi and bling, but the photos are adorable and that little dress is super cute... Thanks for sharing.

  10. So pretty! Love those doilies and the soft colors!

  11. What a pretty layout. A breath of fresh air.

  12. Very sweet page. Great touches of yellow!


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