Hello Friday -- Getting Ready for a Road Trip

Yep, we're heading to San Francisco and a few other stops too!  My sweetie and I shall be driving up the Pacific Coast Hwy, stopping in Solvang, Cambria and a few other spots with an ultimate destination of San Francisco.  I am super excited!

It'll be our first ever full vacation alone!  Woot!  (love ya kiddos, but this has been a long time in comin')

So, if you have been, please share any insights as I can use all the help I can get. It's been a whirlwind to plan as we'd originally planned to go at the end of August and had to suddenly shift gears.  Hoping I've dotted all my i's and crossed all my t's.

In the meantime, I had to complete EIGHT DT assignments way ahead of the typical schedule so I have been a scrapping fool. A FOOL I tell ya!

Here are three Scrapbook Circle sneaks to tempt and tantalize you!  There is a lot of fun in that happy little pizza box.  Make sure you get your kit!  You can either subscribe or buy the current month right here.  Last months kit looks sooo divine doesn't it!  I am in love with those Studio Calico frames.

But next month.......

I love how you can get such different looks from a single kit depending on how you use it!  At any rate, I think you're going to like it. I got the Main kit, plus the add-on!  Such fun!

I am hoping to be able to do a little writing while I'm on vacation.  We shall see if that actually happens.  Depends how loose we play things.

Oh, and check this out!  It may be the most exciting thing to me of all!  I booked one of our nights here.  It's a huge splurge, but it does include dinner so that is how I'm justifying it! ;)  I cannot wait.  You get there about 4:30PM and have to stay until 11am (literally, you have to, it takes a boat to get there.  Hope no one has a medical emergency!).  I think that makes it pretty fantastic. Can't wait to explore every nook and cranny!

With any luck, I'll share one more post before we leave on Sunday!  If I don't please with me a happy birthday!  Sunday is the big 4 - 0!!!  Yep, I'll be 40 and proud!

Happy Friday!


  1. OOOOhhhHHH I cant wait to see! HAVE FUN!!! xoxo -

  2. Happy early birthday! Celebrating birthdays while you're on vacay is the best: I celebrated mine (the big 3-0 and our honeymoon, actually, AND four months' pregnancy lol) while hubby and I were in Vegas for the NHRA drag finals. That was quite the vacation- but one I'll definitely never forget!

  3. Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday and vacation! It sounds like so much fun, I think the last minute trips are the best ;D

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & leaving me such a nice comment :D

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip, Ursula. hubby and I drove the PCH on our Babymoon and had a wonderful journey. a bit of a change from New Zealand. Have a wonderful time and enjoy celebrating your birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! The bed and breakfast looks like a wonderful place to spend the night, great photo opportunities!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the layouts, the sneak peaks are divine!!

  6. Have a fabulous trip girl, i know you will have a zillion pictures to share with us when you get home. Love your sneaks girl as always
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend :)

  7. Fun sneaks. Have a great trip!

  8. Have a fun vaca!! Time away from the kids, absence makes the heart grown fonder!!

  9. First of all, HAPPY 40TH! My forties have been my best decade so far. I celebrated my 40th in San Francisco too! We stayed at the Grand Hyatt but I've already made a note of the B&B where you're staying -- so romantic.

    I loved San Francisco so much that I went there twice in a three month period.

    Enjoy and travel safely.

  10. Wow, staying at the light house will be fun! Happy birthday - I'm way older than you - he he he he! Your trip should be a lot of fun!

  11. Happy early Birthday! :) I hope your trip is as fantastic as these sneak peeks! ;)

  12. Have a fantastic trip!!! The sneaks are gorgey!

  13. Have a great trip. Sounds amazing. Love the sneaks

  14. You are gonna hv the best time.. hubby and I did that trip a few years ago.. we stopped at Cambria.. so many great shops.. and stop and see the elephant seals along the way there.. and Solvang.. too.. so many great shops and such a picturesque town!
    We stayed at a great B AND B in SLO SAN LUIS OBISPO CALLED le petit soleil.. IT WAS AN AMAZING PLACE!
    hv a great time! can't wait to see the pics! hugs xo

  15. cool sneaks - have a great trip - and Happy Birthday!!! Welcome to the club :)

    1. *It's me Kphike* :) forgot to sign off!


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