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Happy Monday everyone!  You may have noticed that I'm back to my old site.  I'm afraid the Word Press site isn't going to work out so I hope you'll suffer through the issues that blogger has and stick around here.  I know there are some of you that have a tough time commenting and I am so sorry for that but I'm stuck with this for now.  Thanks for hanging out with me even if you can't leave your thoughts, I appreciate that you visit.  There is a link for my shop on this page now so make sure and check that out from time to time.

I thought I'd start today off with a layout to share.  Somehow, I haven't shared this one yet, don't know how it escaped the 'show and tell' but it did.

I have a very dear friend whose family is recently growing to include a most precious son.  Of course, that means I must take photos and photos, as you know, lead to layouts.  It's such fun to watch a family grow and change.  Here's a little 'welcome' for baby Jack!

This one was created using the Elle's Studio's kits from May, Everyday Moments and Here and Now.  Did you know they are on sale right now.  Snap them up while you still can!

I love the fun little button badges in the kit and that one piece of transparency really goes far.

I was super happy to find that my heart punch would go through the transparency!

So, back to my story.  I really don't know how many babies are brought into this world as a 'planned event'.  I can tell you that I was not one of that.  In itself, that doesn't mean so much really.  But I will say I'm thankful that I didn't end up aborted and that the infamous Roe v Wade was a year AFTER I came along.

My father always liked to tell me that he married my mother solely because of me.  Because he wanted me to have a dad.  I used to think that was so noble.  Now I think it's something of a joke.  I might even go so far as to suggest that his words were meant to convince him of that little bit of fiction rather than me.  If that sounds hurtful and mean I hope you'll indulge me for a bit.  As I've gotten to know my father over the last 40 years I've come to realize that noble is not part of his character.

My mom brought me into the world just in time on July 22nd, 1972.  The cord was wrapped firmly around my neck and I was decidedly blue upon arrival.  She delivered me on the gurney as they were wheeling her into the hospital.  She tried to tell them I was almost there but since they wouldn't listen, she had to show them.  Somehow, I wasn't any the worse for wear and it wasn't long before a hearty scream came roaring out.  (I'm still a little on the loud side.)

At that time, we lived in Crystal River, FL at a house just a few blocks from Hunter's Spring, which was the local spring fed swimming hole.  I can actually remember being around 1 yr old and walking down to the beach with my siblings.  I distinctly remember the feeling of the hot black pavement burning my tender feet and how I would hold my arms up to be held as we went.  Of course, my siblings hadn't thought about how my little feet would be affected so I toughened up those feet and just trotted along as best as a toddler could do.

By age two, we'd moved to Homosassa Springs, the next town over to a 5 acre plot where my parents began to establish a home for us in the middle of the woods.  It wasn't far from the waterfront, but the terrain sure was different.  Lots of oak trees and pine trees and a wonderful forested place for a child to explore.

We bought a small mobile home and installed it on the property and mom and dad really began in earnest to make it what they wanted.  Dad bought chickens and rabbits and pigs.  He put up pens and fencing and we raised a lot of our own food.  Some of my fondest memories are of helping my dad plant the one acre vegetable garden that we grew each year. (eating the vegetables was not my favorite memory.) They began growing a rose garden and putting in flower beds.  We kids were always around to lend a hand.  Our parents taught us how to work by making us work alongside them.

Everything must have seemed like it was going well at that time.  After my mother and father married, my mother was able to regain custody of my older brother and sister and so we were a family of five.  We were building a home, a family, a life.

More later, have a great Monday.


  1. Beautiful layout...and you're captivating me with your story!

  2. ursula, thinking about and praying for you as you unravel your story.
    hoping it brings healing to you and to all that read who have been through a nightmare like yours!
    much love,

  3. Your page is lovely, the crepe paper is so pretty. And I'm intrigues to hear the rest of your story. x

  4. I love the transparency heart on your layout. Gorgeous! I look forward to hearing more of your story.

  5. Beautiful layout! And i'm following along :)

  6. Gorgeous LO. As Madeline said above, I'm captivated by your story. I feel a kindred spirit to you and here's another commonality...I'm from FL (Titusville) and my husband happens to be from Inverness which I believe is just down the road from Crystal River and Homosassa Springs! Blessings to you as you bless other with the telling of your life.

  7. This is absolutely beautiful! Wow!

  8. Love the layout. Makes me want to snuggle babies...of course, just about anything makes me want to snuggle babies. Sigh. ;^)

    Waiting for the next installment...

  9. Another gorgeous layout Ursula and you can add me to the list of people captivated by your story.
    Take care

  10. I too, cannot wait to read more. I love your LO also, the 'poloroid' frame background is outstanding! I may figure out a way to mimic that look using my Cameo. :)

    I knew we were kindred spirits ... I was born July 29, 1972. :)

  11. Love the layout--- thanks for sharing your story over several posts, I am enjoying the glimps into your life!

  12. What a beautiful layout. The photos are precious and it's such a lovely welcome. and I jolted a bit when you said Crystal River as my parents lived in Citrus County FL for many years, so I'm very familiar with that area. I hope that you find healing as you continue to unravel your story. Hugs to you!

  13. Just stunning. Love the pictures and love how you made them the focus of your layout

  14. Love the LO and You are speaking of familiar places to me. So I can really visualize in my head.

  15. The layout is fantastic! And I enjoyed reading part of your story. :) Have a wonderful day!

  16. i LOVE this layout. all the little bits are just right.

  17. Great design around the background pp!

  18. Ursula. Know you from SC. Love the layout and have enjoyed following your story. Little bits at a time.

  19. It's interesting how much dad did with both of us when we were young. We had a two acre lot in Derry, NH when I was 5 and dad had planted an acre of that land with a vegetable garden. I had my own little garden as well. I loved helping him take care of it and getting the vegetables every day.

    Of all the places we lived, Derry, NH was the place I had, and still have, my favorite memories of dad. It was an isolated area we lived at with a large field behind the house and woods surrounding the field. Dad would take me out for walks, showing me all the places where nests had been built in bushes. I was always tickled with dad the way he would carefully "open" the bush and my excitement when I finally saw those little, featherless baby birds!

    There's so much more I'll tell you about our time in Derry and my own memories of our father, in the future.
    Your loving sister, Valerie


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