Hello Friday --- Layout to Share

I am sad to have made my last three projects as part of the Elle's Studio Design team.  What a huge load of fun it has been to work with Elle, Jenni and the whole team.

The new Design Team gallery is up over at Elle's Studio so I hope you'll take a peek and see what amazing projects all the ladies have created to inspire you this month. Elle outdid herself with some fabulous new Summer themed goodies which I hope you have a chance to pick up.  Lovin' the colors.

I'll feature my favorite project I did this month.  It so happens that it is about me, but that's not why I like it so well. It's the colors.  I didn't expect to like them, but I really really do.

By the way, that tag  you see with the word Today.......consider that a sneak all it's own........

Oh, and you may want to take a peek at Lily Bee Design today too, I've got a post up over there as well!

As for my story today,  I don't think I have time to go into it.  I will take just a wee break from sharing all the details and express that the hurts have caused a great deal of scarring.  There are so many of those things that I still am dealing with, sorting out, reacting to and trying to learn not to react from today.

I am still angry and frustrated and working through it all.  I have hope that it will be resolved inside of me at some point.  It may not be till I reach heaven but I know it will happen.  I am thankful for grace, and for time (I think) and for people who love and support me.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a beautiful weekend.


  1. Beautiful! Love all the Elle's Studio bits and pieces and your very reflective journaling!

  2. This is such a fun layout, and I love the today tag with the negative alphas. Super cute!

  3. This is awesome- I love the range of photos and all the stamping- you do beautiful work and I'm your newest follower!
    (visiting via the scrapbook.com forums!),

  4. Awesome layout! I love the strip of photos going horizontally. It's unexpected! Love the twine and all the other details. Very cool "me" page!!! :)

  5. So fun and fantastic!! Love it.

  6. It's been so much fun seeing what you've made during your time on the team. I hope to design for Elle's Studio someday as I love their products!

    I love this layout, Ursula. It's fun and quirky!

  7. Fantastic page!!! Love all of the layering!

  8. Love the photos and the design of this page! I adore the photo strip!

  9. OK. I wanna know how on earth you found that heart button in exactly the same tone as the lines on the map. No, I wouldn't have necessarily thought of those colors together, but seeing them on the page -- really like. Especially with the BnW photos. Makes the eye move around the page and ties it all together. Very nice. :^)

  10. The layout is fantastic - love all those little fab bits you have going on here.

  11. Oh Ursula, my heart just aches for you! Its natural for you to feel the way you do, and it will take time to process, forgive (or forget- or both!), and I'm sure the healing has been happening since you were removed from all the awful and unfortunate things that happened to you while you grew up. The process might be slow and painful, but in the end, you'll overcome it!

    I just ADORE your lo- its such a good message for all of us to hear- and ask ourselves. I continually worry about how other people see me too, and its sooo tiring, don't you think?! and yet, its so hard to overcome! I love that you created a layout about this subject, and that you're ready to let go and just be yourself. Yay! I'm also loving the photo strip, and how the b&w contrasts to the other beautiful colours in your layout. The sentiment strip at the top is so perfect- never take yourself too seriously. thanks for the reminder!!


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