Mr. Clean.......well at least in these photos

This is a favorite in terms of recent projects. I think I really like the colors and textures in this one.  It's funny because I wouldn't say the photos are stunning but I was still able to tell the story I wanted to tell.  I think that is one of the reason's I like scrapping.  

You just take an ordinary activity like cleaning a room and show how it is important and really is something that shapes your daily life.

I combined the 35 mm kit and some great Elle's Studio goodies and my handy Silhouette SD to give this project the pop I wanted it to have.

Notice, I used both the positive and negative images of the word clean on my project, I just couldn't bear to throw the negative away.

I'm liking that there is a lot of color......and yet it's grey.

I love stitching!  LOVE! Did I mention that I love it???

It's been a busy time so I'm afraid I am quiet today but I hope you have a wonderful terrific fantastic day!


  1. I love it!!! I agree - I love scrapping ordinary daily things. Today I thought I should scrap the movies I love. This is so cute! What font did you use for the word "clean?" I love it!

  2. Great page Ursula. That font is so pretty xxx

  3. what a great page!! Love it! Thanks for sharing..

  4. I love your page! How nice to use both positive and negative spaces for the word "clean"!!

  5. Love the title work you've got going here. Get some much needed rest with your quiet day.

  6. Fun topic, Ursula!
    Even though cleaning is rarely fun :)
    And you are right.
    I don't think photos have to be perfect to tell the story :)

  7. Great layout. I love the colour combo and how modern and 'guyish' it is. I have a hard time scrapping photos of my boyfriend sometimes because most of my stash is pink and turquoise - love how you used it here.

  8. I like how you highlighted your title with your pen work! Nice idea!

  9. Like how you used the cut-out and the negative on the page!

  10. This is a cool layout, I love the stitching and the little 'this was a great idea' detail at the top! x


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