Photo a Day -- Week 4/23 - 4/27

It's time to share some photos.  My favorite one is definitely the 18th.  I love how my yard looks this time of year, it always amazes me how the angle of the sun in the evening transforms everything to pure magic.

Sunday, April 15 -- Kitty and Jeremy waxed my car today. Aren't I lucky!? I get a pretty car and no elbow grease of my own is necessary!

Monday, April 16 -- Bean is a naughty dog. After ripping out the irrigation in this part of the yard, Jeremy and I had to retrench and lay more irrigation. This always comes with some head scratching on Jeremy's part.


Tuesday, April 17 -- Check it out! A pair of Great Horned Owls came and were 'whoooo whoooing' in my tree this evening for at least an hour. How cool is this!?

Wednesday, April 18 -- I see this all the time, it's my front yard and the view out my kitchen window, but I happen to think it is amazing every single time I see it. It just takes my breath away at this time of year.

Thursday, April 19 -- Kitty and I had a lunch/shopping/pedicure kind of day. This = Good Day

Friday, April 20 -- The Lazuli Bunting of Happiness came for his Spring visit again. I'll be trying for a better shot next week but this will do for now to demonstrate my vast appreciation for his visit. He truly does bestow happiness in a color starved landscape.

Saturday, April 21 -- I spent two hours detailing my bedroom to get it looking spic and span. Thought that deserved a photo as it's not likely to look this way for long. (Please do not ask after the lumps in my bed, there are no cats under the blankets and I cannot explain why they look this way. Maybe I need a bed making class???)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love these! A girls day out sounds fun and that green in your room is awesome!

  2. I love that colour on your walls. Living in a rental while overseas we live in a sea of white walls and I would love some bold colour like this to inject a bit of life. My bed looks like that too - I blame the duvet! You have amazing birdlife in your garden too. You must have some great food sources among your plants.

  3. I adore your photos!! Totally love that owl!! TFS

  4. Wow...love your nature pics, especially the owl!


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