Photo a Day -- March 25-31

And this shall mean I am caught up!  Yay!

I've actually been creating some layouts that I am super excited to share, but alas, I must wait until the Elle's Studio Inspiration Gallery goes live. And so, I'm afraid, must you.  So sorry. Truly, I am.  I am sooo bad at keeping secrets. Just want to share my little heart out.

So, photos for last week!

Sunday, March 25 -- New Spring Growth

Monday, March 26 -- Hunter pauses from his studies to ask a philosophical question about whether reading words is a similar concept to reading people's faces/body language since both are visual. Good thinking son!

Tuesday, March 27 -- I have a girl! She is my daughter and SHE IS HOME! Yay!

Wednesday, March 28 -- It was a total bonus that Kitty and Sarah even got to see each other! Today, they went to Starbucks and got some catch up time!

Thursday, March 29 -- Two of my faithful friends. Rebecca and Mouse. Rebecca actually left this morning but she's always in my heart.

Friday, March 30 -- Hunter actually left on the 29th for Mexico to spend some time down there with the Coult family. There was a need for separation and this was God's perfect solution. We got to spend some time with just him before he left, encouraging him and reminding him how much we love him.

Saturday, March 31 -- Kaitlin gave her dad a hair-cut. I've been trying to talk him into growing it out but he's not buying it so far. I think she was pretty proud to have done the deed.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Love your photos! I always do :)
    And I loved your comment that- you need more stamps like you need a hole in your head. Yeah, thats I feel too, I need to purge and get rid of stuff! (so that I get more stuff for the city of lights :)

  2. What a beautiful week for you to get to share so many wonderful moments with family and friends.

  3. You did a great job documenting in photos what is going on in your family. Wonderful photos. Can't wait to see your projects.

  4. Such nice photos, Ursula :) I love how you capture your family.

  5. Love these simple pictures of the special people in you life. :)

  6. Always love all your gorgeous photos. The color you get is just spectacular. And I love that Bean is perfectly content being a lap dog. :)

  7. Love these photos, Ursula...definitely captures life at the moment.

  8. Congrats on getting all these shots! They really capture life's little moments. :)

  9. Love all the photos.
    Your family is so beautiful!

  10. Such great photos of your family and friends!


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