Photo a Day - April 8-14

I felt like this week simply flew by.  It began with Easter, and celebrating our Risen Lord and quickly moved to some tough stuff.  At some point, I'll share a bit more about what is happening with our baby girl, Maddie, but for now, it's still a bit raw.  The short version is that she is living away from us for at least a year so we continue to need prayers, especially for our girl.

And now, for photos.

Sunday, April 8 -- It felt strange that today was the last day we'd spend all together with Madison for a while. I wanted to snap some shots of us together. I look at this and see the discomfort on Maddie's face and hope that in another year there will be a very different look there. Love you Maddie-cakes.

Monday, April 9 -- We stayed with Ben and Elizabeth when we were in Albuequerque dropping Madison off for her 'adventure'. What a great time we had catching up with them.

Tuesday, April 9 -- We dropped Madison off in NM today. It will be a looonnggg time that she is gone but we are praying God will meet her where she is.

Wednesday, April 11 -- Kitty reading her Kindle. Just ordinary everyday life today.

Thursday, April 12 -- Try as I might to get George to look at me for a photo, he would not. However, when he decided to open wide for this yawn, I felt it was a very fine substitute indeed.

Friday, April 13 -- Little Liv-cakes was making tea! She wasn't quite ready to share it with me that visit but by the time I left, she was letting me read stories to her! Love

Saturday, April 14 -- I took a butterfly workshop at the Tucson Botanical Gardens today with Debbie Stertz. Impossible to pick only one photo, but I did. Is it my favorite, not necessarily, there were so many amazing little beauties there.

There you have it!  I can hardly believe I've kept up with this for this long.  Feels pretty good I must admit.

Hope your week is blessed and beautiful!


  1. What a sad week for you all, but i am sure God is with her and looking over her for you. Just remember this is the right thing for her and she will thank you for it one day. Fabulous pictures and you are just beautiful girl

  2. beautiful photos, ursula!! the after of maddie is going to be spectacular!!
    ordinary days are great.
    tea party- so cute
    cat yawn- love
    butterfly- incredible!!

  3. Beautiful pics Ursula. Sorry you had to say goodbye to your girl. I hope the time passes quickly for you xxx

  4. These are all wonderful photos! The pic of George yawning is priceless! :D

  5. Lovely photos.
    How adorable is that little tea party one? To cute!

  6. Love all the photos! It can be hard to take a photo a day. Thanks for sharing! -Amanda

  7. WOW! I say this every week, but GORGEOUS photos!!

  8. You take amazing photos. I'm a new follower.


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