Photo a Day -- April 1-7

I thought it interesting as I looked back at the collection of photos on my Shuttercal account from this particular week to see how the first images were bluish and moved to a warmer feeling.  Just useless trivia. ;)

Sunday, April 1 -- Bean has been delighted that big sister, Kitty, has brought him a friend in Liz-dog! The two of them are pretty much constantly trying to eat each other's faces off, but in a good way!

Monday, April 2 --Mouse kitty can be found to sit in such an unladylike fashion. And here I thought she was high class.

Tuesday, April 3 -- We call this 'flat kitty'. Cracks me up how she sort of molds herself to the top of the couch.

Wednesday, April 4 --This is a photo of friendship. My friend Mari brought me this potted Petunia. Each time I look at it I think of Mari and how she has been a precious friend and one who has my back in prayer and time of need.

Thursday, April 5 -- Maddie stopped doing school work this week since we know she'll be leaving. Instead, I asked her to read as much as she could get through of 'Changes That Heal'. I thought she looked especially cute in this position. I do hope she gains something from reading it.

Friday, April 6 -- A relatively lame blossom (that is the truth). But amazing things happen when light shines through.

Saturday, April 7 -- Thanks Marie! How beautiful are the thoughtful and unexpected gifts of a friend. Marie made me feel truly special when she presented me with this unexpected gift.

And there you have it, one more week in my life.  I really like how this shows me how much does happen in my daily life.  Moments worth remembering.  Many of which I'd have forgotten without this particular project.  It makes mundane things remarkable.

Have a beautiful, memorable day.


  1. Great pics Ursula. My kitty does the same thing on the couch

  2. It looks like you had a very nice week. I like your perspective on your photos.

  3. Beautiful...those petunias are so lovely!

  4. Fun and interesting photos! You can tell that relationships (even with animals) are an important part of your life from these photos and your commentary. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love seeing into other peoples lives, so fun!

  6. Beautiful snapshots of your life!

  7. I always love animal shots, but esp the first one with such happy dogs! And I love how you share your perspective of your life with us. It seems to me that you are appreicative of what you have and that's beautiful! :)

  8. What wonderful little blessings you recieved this week! thanks for sharing them with us!


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