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I asked you last time to pray for my very dear friends baby daughter, Emma.  I am very grieved to tell you that on Monday afternoon, Emma passed from their loving arms and into the arms of her Savior.  We know that she is rejoicing, but we are sad indeed to see her go so soon. Her family would very much appreciate your prayers for peace and comfort as they grieve the loss of this, their first child.  Please pray for Jim and Marie.  Thank you.

I am a bit out of sorts as a result of watching my friends struggle through this ordeal over the last week so please forgive me if I'm a bit less inspiring this week.

I'd like to share my Photo-A-Day project from last week with you for today.  I hope it offers some inspiration, in only to realize that ordinary is still beautiful.

Sunday, Jan 22 This is number 3 of some stunning sunsets we've had in the last several days. They are just amazing! Not only that, but it was foggy this morning and stayed all afternoon. Weird!

Monday, Jan 23 Jeremy has been working on the last 4 YEARS of taxes for the last week. He's not much enjoying it, but he has one year down! Woot!

Tuesday, Jan 24  Every time I went to the window I was somewhat entranced by the puffy clouds. They were somehow different from what we typically have. I know the angle is wompy, but it made me happy!

Wednesday, Jan 25  This photo was actually taken on the 16th, but it illustrates that we have had a very wet winter thus far. We didn't actually get rain today, but it did threaten and consider the possibility. I love this image because it shows the desert in beautiful early morning light after a fresh washing from the rain. It encompasses the sun flares too which I've been slightly obsessed with capturing lately.

Thursday, January 26  Every year in January there is a big sale on their aromatherapy collection. What do I buy? Hand Soap. Love the scents and the way the bottles look in my bathroom and kitchen with their pretty 'glass look' in color! There are people who like to visit me for my soap, LOL.

Friday, January 27  Every time I sit in my office chair it seems to be occupied by my furry friend Maddie-cat. Even if I've only just vacated it. She is not generally very pleased when I come and scoop her back up again.

Saturday, January 28 Jeremy is doing taxes yet again. I'm sure you can see from his expression that he feels very blessed to be able to accept this responsibility.

Well that was my week.  Somewhat ordinary this time around.  Hope your day is full of beauty.  And as always, thanks for visiting me today.  It means alot that you take the time.


  1. ursula, so so sorry to hear about dear little emma. just prayed for peace and comfort for her parents. i pray that the LORD is their refuge and strength in this time of grieving.

  2. just so sad about baby Emma, her poor poor family :(

    Love all your pictures, i LOVE that one of J doing taxes with the funny face ha

  3. bahahaha - Jeremy looks so blessed! !

  4. I'm so sorry for your friends Ursula. I can't even imagine the pain that must cause them. :( Hugs and prayers going out to them...

    Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I especially love the puffy cloud one, and even like the wonky angle. ;)
    - April

  5. I am so sorry to hear about Emma. So tragic...

  6. My prayers go out to your friend and her family. Unfortunately, I have been there, twice in a four month span. It is not the easy thing to deal with, but with the grace of the Lord and the support of dear friends such as yourself, life does get bearable again. Hugs :)


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