Loving Mexico pictures

Just sayin.  I'm pretty sure that the photos that I took in Mexico were considerably more interesting than the ones I took at home. LOL

Day 17 was the second leg of our infamous journey.  The most notable thing about the trip itself is that it took us 9 hours instead of about 5.  Once again, we don't know why.

Of course, it could have been that we stopped for Pollo Asado (and it may have been about an hour)

And then, there was the period where we started hearing that awful noise coming from under the truck. That turned out to be a worn out u-joint which did ultimately hold up until we reached our destination. But the guys had to diagnose it and be certain that leaving it wouldn't cause some type of permanent damage. (yes, my hubs is very handy, the man can fix anything.  This is both a wonderful quality and at times, a curse)

Just as we reached Guasave, which is the largest city near to our destination of Las Glorias, we got a phone call from our Pastor in Tucson, AZ.  It turns out that since we hadn't arrived, the Coult's had called the States asking about us.  They'd tried to reach us but our phones were either off or not working.

We had tried to call them but the calls wouldn't go through. So we just prayed they would anticipate normal types of delays and wait for us.  However, they called the States and everyone became very worried.  Even the Mexican Consulate was called and they were going to send out a search.  Luckily, I had my phone on and was able to receive Pastor Neil's call.

The whole church in the States and those in Mexico had been praying intently for our safe arrival.  Poor Eric's wife, Susan had been beside herself with worry.  We felt terrible to have caused such a stir but were so appreciative of those prayers.  I choose to believe that God protected us from we knew not what.

When we arrived, it was 2 pm in Guasave and we happened to run into Doug and Jeff at a gas station who had gone out on the roads to try and search for us.  What a blessing that we caught them.  At that point we had one more hour and then we were there.

Once we arrived, it was only an hour before we had to leave for the first ministry event, a couple's dinner prepared at the Tamazula Church for the community of believers.  Our team was to play music (COMPLETELY UNREHEARSED AND IN SPANISH!!!) for this event.

We got dressed and spruced up as best we could and then headed out very quickly.  Once we arrived we were able to get situated with the other musicians and while it wasn't up to our normal standards, no one cared and they all really enjoyed it. (we Americans really are too picky!)

We shared a meal with folks, played games and just had a good time fellow-shipping together as believers. This particular church is pretty typical of the Christian churches down there.  The construction is brick and concrete.  The bathroom in the rear has no roof so your are doing your business under the stars.  The eves are open ended and I'm pretty sure there was no door on the front.

Building codes are a bit different there.

Day 18 is Sunday so back to church we went.  This time to the church in Alamito.  Again, we were privileged to share some music and testimony of how God is working.  I am always amazed at the love of the Mexican people and how openly welcoming they are.

This church is literally in a field shared with cattle and goats.  Complete with cow-pies.  As the pastor shared, the goats bleated, a cowboy brought up a small herd of goats along with his driving dogs.  Dogs roamed through the aisles.  We worshipped in God's house, truly.

After church, we visited downtown Guasave and did a little shopping and site seeing.  I am always captured by the colors and textures there.  Such beauty, even though it's often covered in dirt and the paint is always peeling, it's simply stunning to look at.

We finished out the evening at a prayer meeting at still another church.  The Christian churches there are trying to promote unity among themselves and this event was a prayer event for that purpose.

I had to add the straight photo cause I really love it.  I kinda have an obsession with ferris wheels.

Well that was a really long post.  If you're still with me, thanks for hanging out.  I'll see ya tomorrow!


  1. that ferris wheel photo is really.. REALLY stunning!! love reading about your mexico adventure!

  2. Wow! Exciting times on your travels. The outdoor church looked wonderful.

  3. very very cool!!!!
    love that ferris wheel pic!!!

  4. That ferris wheel picture is AWESOME. :)

  5. Such a wonderful, and inspiring, adventure! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Great pages. The project reminds me of a scrapbook documenting the journey of three of the top designers a few years back. I really like what you are doing. I am glad you arrived safe and sound.

  7. awesome pages!! very inspiring and spiritual journey.

  8. Great pages and what an adventure! Never been to Mexico...on my bucket list! LOL!!

  9. Great pages shows you had a great time. I went to Mx a couple of years ago and loved it too. But never took time to scrap it....tfs

  10. Fabulous job on your layouts. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  11. SO SO lovely!! gotta adore putting adventures down on paper!

  12. Such beautiful photos! I love the stories of the different churches.

  13. loved my visit to your blog~very interesting and beautiful work!

  14. love the photos and stories, always amazing what God will do with willing hearts!

  15. just caught up on all your blog posts. mexico looks like it was quite an adventure. can't wait to read more!


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