Comin' down the Home Stretch

Since I'm only going to December 25th I feel like I've finally made it to the home stretch.  At least that is what I'm telling myself, LOL  (Can I say that having had to play catch up with this project, I am convinced that it would have been easy peasy if I'd done it day by day for the remainder of the month.  Maybe next year)

Day 19

This was another marathon day.

I used my Silhouette to cut out the 1234 Frame.  I did some adjusting to get it to have thinner inner and outer walls.  It's pretty easy to do that sort of thing when you select and ungroup the image and then move things around until you like it.  I cut it from some Wood Veneer that I had picked up at my LSS.  You can find it here if you are interested.

As you can see, things keep getting simpler as I go along.  I am still fighting a ridiculous chest cold and so am still not feeling my best.  Really hoping to be back up to speed soon.

Our time at the Migrant camp was great.  We even came home with a very adorable kitten (who, as it turned out had ringworm which she shared, but we won't talk about that)  It was amazing to see some of the same families there that we'd seen a couple years previous. The kids had a ball batting at the pinata and enjoying the presents of candy, dolls, balls and other fun things that we brought.

The men worked really hard, putting up the first half of the trusses on the youth center we were building.  We were so blessed to have had no major injuries during the whole trip. (there were a few hammered thumbs, but nothing serious)

Day 20

I didn't end up getting a whole lot of photos on this day, but what I lacked in quantity I gained in quality.  That is to say I was able to capture one completely amazing sunset.

The other ladies helped shuck shrimp (pounds and pounds of it to feed 35 people!) while I napped.  Yep, I was a slacker. But I did make salsa earlier in the day so I hope that counts for something.  I made a LOT of my signature Pico De Gallo salsa on this trip!

At the end of the evening, the roof workers took a load off and watched the sun set.

I found some seashells and starfish that the kids had collected from the beach earlier in the day and felt they needed to be documented too.

And finally, yet another amazing sunset.  I can hardly believe how many wonderful sunsets I was able to capture on this trip.  It was just one after another.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday with some sneakaroonies!


  1. WOW that is an amazing sunset, loving it so far. hope you feel better soon girly :)

  2. very cool!!!
    saw the 1,2,3,4 thingee and thought ohhhhh i;ll get that one!!
    DUH i already have it!!!

  3. Really love that frame! Sometimes I wish I had a silhouette.

  4. Love your pages Ursula. Love that frame too!

  5. Great pages! That sunset is amazing!

  6. Way to hang in there to finish! I gave up at day 12! Hopefully I'll get the urge to finish sometime as I have pics for all the days. Hope you feel better!

  7. What an amazing trip and fantastic pages! That sunset photo is breathtaking.

  8. Fun frame! That salsa looks yummy and the sunset photo is very cool! Way to go with making it to the home stretch on DD!

  9. Gorgeous photos! Hope you feel better real soon! Can't wait to see the rest of your DD. :-)

  10. Your entire album was a joy to look at!

  11. wow! what a sunset!!! blessings from the LORD!
    your pages are awesome! i love the wood veneer # frame.
    miss you at jbs!

  12. great layout i lov eit.... have a great day

  13. Love the layouts, way to continue!

  14. Oh no! Another reason to buy the Silhouette - love the 1234 frames!

  15. Hey, it's a hard slog to get the album done, but so worth it :-) Just think how glad you'll be in a few years time to look back on all those awesome memories!


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