December Daily - Day 6

Hello my friends.  It is late and I am tired, so another quick post today.  I hope you'll forgive me the poor photography and lack of detail.

I somehow didn't feel extraordinarily creative the last couple of days.  But, as you know, the days go by whether or not you have the mojo.  Alas, even that can be recorded eh.

Today's 1st page has a bouquet which I bought on Friday and by Sunday it was already starting to look wilty.  I was disappointed to say the least.  How, in such cool and lovely weather did these flowers droop so quickly?

If you have some kind of inside knowledge can you let me in on it???

I decided to forgo the office page on the floral side and opted for a full page photo instead with the journaling right on it.   If you hang out over at SC then you know that I've been jonesin for a button machine.  But, not having one at present, I decided to create my own wannabe version.

One of the nice girls over there suggested punching a circle of chipboard, then gluing a punched circle of paper on that in the design I wanted.  I did that, then added a small typed phrase and covered the whole with Diamond Glaze.  The finished result is not to shabby I think.

And page two may be the reason I wasn't feeling quite so happy on that day.  My daughter got her permit. You might think that would make me happy but for reasons I'll not go into, it didn't.  But it did make her happy and I'm glad for her progress and the fact that she did apply herself to learn the material and pass her test.

Have a blessed day!


  1. I love the journaling on the first photo. We all have those days and I really enjoyed reading yopur documentation of it. Love the comparison to the rose.

    Congrats to your daughter! I know she must be so happy, because my dd was, but me, not so much. I just want to keep her safe and letting her do something like this was very hard for me. Driving is so out of my cotrol, I can't stand it!

  2. well even without your mojo your pages and journaling are amazing.

  3. You did a great job. Love your button and congrats to your daughter. They grow up too quickly, don't they? Your DD is looking wonderful. I love seeing what all the Peas are doing.

  4. I don't see a lack of mojo in these pages at all. :) Congrats to your DD for getting her permit. We have a few more years to go before my DD gets hers, but just the thought makes me weepy. LOL!

  5. Love it!!! You did a great job!! Hope you get to feeling better and get your mojo back!!!! :)

  6. They look great!!! Mojo is still in the house by the look of this!

  7. I think you did a wonderful job - the first page is amazing! Congrats to DD!! My DS is still dragging his feet with the hours...we're getting there...slowly...LOL!!

  8. Gorgeous! I'm envious of your mad photography skills. :D

  9. beautiful...I really love the photo of the arrangement!


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