What more could you want in a meal?!

I thought I'd share my go-to lunch for when I have a friend over.  It's super easy and always gets raves!

But it doesn't have a name.  What should I call it????  I know!!   Why don't you come up with a name!? Send me a fun name for this little ditty and I'll pick the one I like best.  I'll send the creator of the best name a little washi tape sampler I call a Washi Pop!  It's straight from my very own collection and includes over 6 ft of tape!

Here is the recipe.

1 store-bought  roasted chicken
1 package English muffins (I like Thomas's)
3/4 cup mayonnaise
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 large thinly sliced tomato
12 slices of Havarti cheese

Remove meat from the chicken.  Discard bones and skin.  Dice chicken finely.

Using 2 cups of chicken, mix together chicken, 3/4 cup mayo(I admit, I didn't measure so if your mixture looks a little dry, add more.  I like it to be very moist!), salt and pepper.  Mix well. (reserve the remaining chicken for another use)

Split English muffins in half and toast.  I put them face up under the broiler  on a large cookie sheet for about 1.5 minutes per side but you can do this in a toaster if you prefer.

Put about two tablespoons of chicken mixture on each half of the English muffins.  Top with a tomato slice, then the cheese.  Place on cookie sheet and under broiler for about 2 minutes.  Cheese should be melted and slightly golden.

I like to serve these with a favorite potato chip and some sliced fresh fruit or grapes.  Enjoy!

Now don't forget to name my dish for a chance to win the washi tape sampler!

I'll pick a winner on Wednesday, November 16 after noon!  Be sure and leave me your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner.


  1. the raggamuffin???
    chicka boom boom
    the chicken-mato (as in ta-mato) sandwich
    the chicken dance???

    hahah thats it for me!!!!

    looks yum!!!

  2. Hot Red buns, Broiled chicken coasters, that's all I can think of for now. Alaska_laci from SC snow_chic83 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. Chicken toasties!

    I do the same thing except with tuna and we call them tuna toasties :) My hubby loves them. I am sure he would love the chicken ones too!

    They look yummy!

  4. I'd call them muffin melts cos' then you can change up what's in them if you like. naomi_m (from SC)

  5. Well, since this is "your" creation and "your" specialty I could call it "Ursula's Chicken Melts". Looks so yummy too btw!

  6. chicken rounds with tomato and cheese ~ BTW they look so good!!!

  7. Muffin melts?
    Chicken muffin?
    Ursula's Starters?
    Vavavoom chicken muffin?
    Cheesy bitsy?

  8. That looks SO amazingly yummy! I would just call it an open faced CHT!

  9. That looks so yummy! And easy, I love easy.

    Since you make it when having a friend over, how about calling it a friendwich?

  10. loooks and sounds yummy. love the names so far.

  11. chicken on the half. I know not a good one, but you know it;s early

  12. These look sooooo good.
    Whenever I get a recipe from someone I alway put their name in the title of the recipe (then I remeber who I got it from)
    So I would call yours Ursula's Chicken Delight on an English Muffin.
    Your Washi pop is so cute, Love that name :)

  13. No idea for names, but the recipe sure sounds good.

  14. I'd call the "Cheesy Chicken Tomat's".. they do look yummy! thanks for sharing.

  15. I like The Ragamuffin and friendwich...just sayin. And I'm glad you posted this, cause I've been wanting it! Chicken Stoplights is also rather clever!

  16. Ursula's Lunch Special!

    I was going to call it Washi Sushi on a stick, until I realized that that was the photo of the prize, and that the recipe and food photos were further down in your post!! (Tee Hee!)

    Incidentally, my daughter is crazy for my washi tape! I think I may make up some of your "prize sticks" for her stocking. I'm sure Santa can spare a little space for me to tuck those in!

  17. Oh yes, c.dmomsyr@yahoo.com is the address for the comment above.

  18. It's not the BLT or the GTL...but a warm and yummy CHT! LOL! Thanks for sharing! -Amanda

  19. That looks delish! hmm, I'm not sure what I would call it..

  20. "Ursula's Chicken Caprese Bites" and they look delicious!

  21. How about Friends Toast! Sure looks yummy. All your recipes look so appealing. Thanks for sharing. Sue

  22. mmm. that looks so yummy right now!

  23. Winner winner chicken dinner! lol!

  24. Looks super yummy! Ursula's Mini Chickie Sandwiches ??? That's a hard one :) amysotolongo@msn.com

  25. Ooh, washi! :)
    Those sandwiches look amazing. Havarti and Fontina tie for my favorite cheese, so I will definitely have to try them!
    My vote for a name is Chic-Mater. We love the 'Cars' movies, so what can I say? :)

  26. Yum, I like the name Chicken Toasties that someone already said. Spose this would work for Turkey too since we are all going to be having leftovers of that soon.

  27. looks very yummie!

    I go for chickiewickies :)

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  29. That sounds yummy! How about The English Hen ? Very silly suggestion, but...

  30. I make the same thing but I add in a little green onion to the chicken mix. One of those things my Grandma used to make when I was a kid.(she used to add chopped almonds along with the mayo and chicken) but I didn't like the "crunchy" in them so she would make mine first, then add the almonds for her and my Papa.
    I've always called them Chicken Salad Muffins :)

  31. Ursula, I don't have an idea for your lunch but the Washi Pop sampler is such a fantastic idea!! Hope this means you'll be opening an etsy shop!!


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