RAD is kicking my butt today

I am feeling tired and overwhelmed at this moment.

I am tired of being a parole officer to my children.

I am tired of enforcing the rules.

I am tired of answering the same question for the tenth time in one day, not to mention in the last week.

I am tired of ungrateful hearts.

I am tired of being blamed when my child pays a consequence for her own choices.

I am tired of saying the same thing.........AGAIN.

I am tired of being the bad guy.

I am tired of feeling frustrated and tired.

I am tired of having zero freedom.

I am tired of being judged by other parents who have never experienced Reactive Attachment Disorder.

I am tired of feeling guilty that I seem unable to help my children.

I am tired of second guessing myself, my husband or my children.

I am tired.


  1. I'm sorry, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Hugs to you.

  2. Alas, it's the kind of tired that no amount of sleep can help, but it's also the kind of tired that reveals just how much you have given and still can give.

  3. Hugs to you! I have only done a little research on RAD and I have to say that I have the utmost respect for anyone who lives through it.

  4. I am not facing your "issue" but I feel many of these statements. Praying for God's rest to come to your tired.

  5. hugs ursula! make sure to take some time for you...that always makes me feel better.

  6. aww girl, im so sorry you are feeling so down, sending you huge hugs

  7. I don't even think tired fully describes those feelings. I think it is utter depletion. I find myself snappy when they ask me something like, "Do you think it will be cold tomorrow?"...like how am I supposed to know that?...well, yes, I guess I could follow the weather forecast, but when would I have time, I'm busy answering endless questions....Feel better. You need to recharge...I know, obviously, right!

  8. ekkkkk can you delete my comment cos i dont want my email addy showing!!! ekkkk

    here's my message

    ohhhhh wishing i loved closer...even in the same country so i could send you some flowers!!! or a hug....or a cake!!!!
    xxxx hang in there mama you are doing a FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi there! My friend Joyce sent me here to your blog . . . I have a daughter with RAD and I've been doing the tango (or whatever its called) for almost seven years now. I could have written this post many, many, many times. So hard to put into words the RAD mom definition of tired. I've been there. Numerous times. Wow, hang on, will say prayers for you.

  10. I am so right there with you! I found this post through a video you linked on Sb.com. (The video was awesome BTW!) When I saw the RAD link on the top of your blog I clicked right away! I have a 9 year old with RAD and we've been going through so much lately. Your post really resonated with me this morning!


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