Gift Giving for Friends

Don't you just love giving gifts?  I know I do.  Recently, my very dear friend Chelsea felt God leading her to step down from music ministry.  She'd been our Worship Director for 7 years and she loved it.  It was obvious because she did a fantastic job of it.

However, the time had come in her life where being a mama was to be the priority of her life.  So, as all good teams do, we wanted to thank her properly for dedicating herself so generously to her ministry and to us.

It so happens that her favorite store is Anthropologie. So of course, we needed to find a suitable piece of jewelry from there to offer as a token of our appreciation.  As her amazing husband suggested, every time she put it on, she'd think of the wonderful years she spent serving the church and the team through music leadership.

So off I went to peruse the jewelry section at Anthropologie and these are what I found!  Aren't they amazing.  Of course, I had to package it all up in a craft personalized style.  She'd been our Shepherd in more ways than one, and she is a lover of sheep, so sheep were the perfect fit.  She's also a very classy lady so I had to make sure that the sheep were stylish and classy and not too too cutesy.  I thought kraft and a bit of green chevron were the perfect complement to our leaping lambies!

And yes, she loved them.  Love the chance to be a part of such a memory!

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  1. What beautiful earrings!!!! :) And you did a great job with all the packaging too.
    It's wonderful that you have a picture of her with them on too. LOVE that.

  2. Beautiful earrings and I love the cute packaging!

  3. Those are absolutely gorgeous Ursula...I can see why she loved them! What a sweet and thoughtful gift...
    - April

  4. so thoughtful of you all~beautiful card and the earrings are amazing!!!

  5. Gorgeous earrings! And I love the packaging and card. Awesome gift! :-)

  6. What wonderful gift! For some reason i thought i was already a folloer, but i am for sure noe.

  7. those are gorgeous earrings! what a special gift...and i am loving the new look of your blog!

  8. oh those earrings are beautiful! what a wonderful gift!

    signed upt to follow!

  9. very nice...you can tell she love them in the photo!

  10. Beautiful and yes I LOVE giving gifts!

  11. Yep -- they're gorgeous -- just like you two! And we all agree that you and Chelsea look like sisters! ;^)

    Love you!!! mwa!


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