Week in the Life, Day 7----Last One!

Yes, I am.....oh, a few days behind on this, but I am at least getting it up.  I still have plans to make it a book but haven't had the chance to work on that yet this week. I'm really still trying to formulate exactly what I want to include in the album overall and how I'll lay it out.

I am thinking about some of those baseball card style pages with a bunch of photos and one to two 8.5x11 layouts for each day with thoughts on how the day went, etc.  I did purchase an 8.5 x11 album in Turquoise for the project so that is certainly the size I'll be using.

I only get up early on Sunday mornings and the photo below and the doggy are in that gorgeous morning light!

Sunday morning makeup choices!  MAC
The result of the Sunday morning makeup, well, at least the eye part anyway.

A lot of trees got severely damaged in a freeze so Jeremy did a huge pruning on Sunday.
Maddie is a girl......Maddie is on the phone.
My bible and notes from Sunday sermon
Potato peels...preparing for dinner.

Another day with very little sunset due to all the clouds.
Hunter had a cleaning adventure, the trash shown here is the evidence.
Shredded Green Chili Beef, Sauteed Potatoes and fresh Tortillas and homemade salsa
Jeremy and Hunter planning some jobs.

Taking all our lives in his hands, Hunter drives the family to church
This is my week to lead worship so here we all are doing our Sunday thing.  This is one of my favorite ways to spend time, singing to the Lord.
Baptism!  Yay!
I got a few minutes with Titus!
How many times a day do we run up and down these stairs??

Caught in the act of laundry
The end of the evening and everyone is chillin' in front of the PC.
Now, I need to put the whole thing together in an actual book.


  1. love all the pics you have taken!!! cant wait to see the album take shape once you get around to printing the pics

  2. So enjoyed getting a glimpse of your day. Such a wonderful project to undertake. Love the shot of the sink.

  3. I love seeing all these snapshots into your life, Ursula. It is gorgeous where you live!!

  4. Busy day! Love your eye make-up!

  5. I love your eye make-up! I could definitely use a few pointers from you in that department.

  6. love your peek at your mac collection! :)


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