Supplies....aren't we blessed?

It's another page in my WITL project.  This is from July 26th.  As I work on this project, I'm listening to the audio version of the book 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett.  I find it makes me very much more introspective than I normally would be.  It's yet another reminder of how perspectives change so quickly once you begin to see things from a different point of view.

I am somewhat stunned at the variety of things I never even considered in regards to how a black woman might look at things versus a white woman.  I tend to think I'm pretty progressive, but I realize that is really just a fair bit of ignorance.  I begin to see a bit more clearly that I will never be able to understand what it is like being a minority.

As I create my LO, I am thinking about how blessed I am. How very easy my life is.  How my WITL project is a record of how much we have.  It's certainly not the first time I've thought of it, but reading books like The Help really begin to put some things in perspective.

It's worth reading.  I hope you'll pick it up.

Here's the LO


  1. I never looked into this book, because, to be frank, I don't read "chick lit" and I thought it would be the same kind of book as "Eat. Pray. Love", a book I have strong prejudice against (and yes I realize that I am arrogant when I write and think this).

    But the trailer for the movie showed me what the story was, and it was not what I thought. Looks interesting. Not sure I'll read the book, but I might just pick the movie up for a (seemingly) simple night of entertainment.

    Love this layout!

  2. love all the layouts in these blog posts.....i am nearly finished putting my album together!!!
    thanks for sharing

  3. Great page!!

    I have The Help on request from the library. I hope I can get it soon. I always like to read the book before I see the movie.

  4. love your photo ursula! and the help is a fab book that is of course well worth the read, and it does make you think doesn't it??! we are so so blessed with what we have :) xx

  5. I also listened to the audio version of that book. I loved hearing the characters voices and it really helped me imerse myself into the story. You are right, I don't think we can ever really know what it is like to live in anothers shoes. I love the direction you took with that photo, you made it so much more than what I would typically think. Great job!

  6. I did read it and I felt the same as you. Fairly shocked and certainly introspective about my own life. We are lucky. (And you are very talented!)

  7. Whether or not they exist is something that is under discussion, but I feel that the US has it's own unique history due to slavery, etc. I might just pick this one up :)

  8. beautiful words and beautiful layout ursula! i've been wanting to read this book for awhile now. i just may pick it up today after work.

    happy weekend to you!

  9. great page ursula! i am hoping to read the help sooN!

  10. that book is in my top 5 ever of favorites!! i can't tell you how much it made me think. i can't wait to see the movie. love your page!

  11. I LOVE that layout! The journaling is my favorite part. Loved that book too. I have to tell you my very favorite toy was a teddy bear I named Ursula. My youngest son was playing with it today asking me where it came from.


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