Hard to Comprehend it all

Today, I'm feeling introspective.  LOL, that's not soooo very different from a lot of other days. Still, at this moment it feels especially strong.

I was reading the O magazine, which I happened to pick up a copy of LAST Spring.  (Yes, I'm behind on my reading.)  Anyway, as I read through some of the articles, I was struck once again by the difficulties of life.

I know that for myself, I am sometimes overwhelmed by what feels like unmanageable parts of life which I must face.  There are times when I feel helpless and hopeless, other times when I feel full of joy and profound hope for the future and everything in between.

I thought about the desire to write that many authors have.  I wondered how they stick to one story for a period that sometimes extends from many months on into years. However, I wonder if the best novels come from such a long period of time as an author lives out his/her story while getting it down on paper.

Then, I considered whether a short story might not be a good thing to invest time in.  It might amount to some time reflect and understand particular situations.  On the other hand, would it be any good.  There is pressure that one feels to produce only something that is considered valuable.

In the end, I am struck by the need to let all of those expectations go and do what one is inspired to do at the time, providing that it is not wrong to do it. 

I'm rambling, I know, but my stream of consciousness dictates that I needn't worry what a reader might think after reading this bit of conjecture.  I simply put it down and perhaps something better will grow out of it.

Ultimately, I am struck by the amount of pain that exists in the world and from which most people come.  Pain seems to be the one characteristic that defines every single one of us. I would be highly suspicious of someone who denied the experience of deep emotional pain.  And then I would feel pity for them because I know that it is such emotion that gives us perspective and vision for something better.

OK, done rambling.  Feel free to ramble yourself a bit, either on your own blog or in the comments. I think you might find it rather satisfying.


  1. You know, I don't usually like a BW photo with a single color, but it just WORKS. Is it your photo?

  2. Yeah Lauren. Our family road the Silverton Railroad last summer and this is one of the photos I shot. Thanks for the sweet compliment.

  3. I love your rambling... your writing is real good! And I'm with you when you talked about pain. It is necessary to grow into your own life and it always adds something - although it might not seem that way if you're in the middle of it...

    Thanks for giving me food for thoughts, and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.


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