To Blog or Not to Blog

I've been rather lazy about blogging haven't I. Well, as of this week, I've been reminded of how blogging can be a real benefit.

We had a wonderful experience in the last week with some friends of friends coming to stay with us for five days. What a joy it was to meet people from other places and learn what we have in common.

I was impressed to watch my new friend Rachel as she deftly parented her six children all under the age of 12. Not only that, but to see how her entire family interacted, including grandpa who clearly loves his kids. Dad Rick was full of energy despite a seriously injured back.

The part I got the biggest kick out of? Photographing those beautiful kiddos. They are not only beautiful outside, but inside as well since their mother and father have put a great deal of effort into training them in the way they should go.

Here, have a look see at a few of my favorite pics.

Sisterly fun.

Rebecca is a natural model. I hardly had to instruct her, she just posed beautifully naturally.

Adahmae traipsing down this road made for an amazing image I thought.

Rebecca is a perfect little angel isn't she?

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