The Enemy

Did you know that food is the enemy? I bet you did. The goofy thing is that I often treat it like it's my long, lost best friend. I try to get as much of it as I can on a given eating occasion because I might not get to see it for a while. (Yeah, right.)

A few years ago, I went through a program called 'The Weigh Down Workshop". It was a really good program that discussed how we need to learn to eat according to hunger and fullness in our stomach and not the hunger of our heads. (have you noticed how your brain never really seems to think you are full?)

I think I'm due for another stint with this program. Of course, I've tried since then to get back into the swing of it, but I haven't really put my whole heart into it. It's hard to listen to my stomach when my head is trying to convince me otherwise.

I've often wished that I could quit eating altogether, you know, like I would if I was trying to get off drugs, or alchohol. But with food, you just can't do that. I have to learn moderation! Ugh!!!

Well, here I am, this is the weight I am now. Maybe if you think of me, you'll pray for strength for me that I can get back to where I've been with my eating habits. (We won't mention the other appetites I could use moderation in, like shopping for example.)

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  1. hi, lovely woman! You are beautiful and YOU CAN DO THIS!! I know because I have the same problem. I will make you a super deal, Ursula, I will pray faithfully for you if you will pray for me. I believe that every good prayer comes back to us 3 fold and we can use that principal to make good things happen for others and it will naturally and easily to bring action to our own lives. God is with us, in us and all around us and will never desert us, but it is up to us to step into the light. One way we can do this is through prayer. You are a fabulous human being and you are never alone. So, take my hand sista and off we go to brand new, beautiful bodies of lightness of being. We are gonna rock the house!
    Many blessings and countless bounty!
    Melinda - Winter Bear Trading


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