Hello friends,

I am writing today to say 'Hi there! I haven't forgotten YOU, or what I set out to do!!!'

Just in case you were wondering what happened to me....... I have some hope that perhaps one or two of you missed me at least a little.  If you didn't, no guilt.

We are all so busy in this life. More and more I realize how easy it is for us to get caught up in our own lives to the point where we are completely tunnel-visioned and scarcely see even the other people who live in our own houses.  The poor souls that exist on our periphery are quickly forgotten in favor of whatever urgent matter occupies our thoughts right NOW!

All that to say, you've all been on my mind and I've wrestled a tiny bit with feeling guilty for not having kept up with my writing.  For the most part though, I'm learning how to let that go and do what I need to do, knowing I'll get back to all of this when I am able.

However, I did desire to let you know a bit of what's going on in my world.

First, I was sick, sick, SICK for almost 4 entire weeks.  That is just soooo draining.  I'm still not certain how much was actually sick and how much was allergies and how much was, well, womanly things.  Whatever the cause, I was down for the count.  But, thank the very good Lord, I am feeling much more like myself again.  Allergies reign in the desert right now, but I can handle that better than all of it together.

Second, being sick, sick, sick left me feeling a bit dark.  I don't exactly know the reasons, but I was struggling a bit.  But things are looking up again so yay!  I no longer fear these times as I once did.  I know they will pass and I KNOW that they are meant to teach me something I need to know about me and about Jesus and about my relationships.  So I look for the lesson with expectation.  It's a good thing.

Finally, I've gotten way behind on some important things in my own world and I needed to buckle down and get caught up.  So most of my energy is being spent on that project at the moment.  I'm renewing my Flylady skills, working on financial records and doing some organizing.  It feels great!

All that to say, I'll be back, I promise, but I can't promise when.  I hope YOU are doing well. Feel free to leave me a comment and share a bit about what has been grabbing your attention recently.  I'd love to hear all about it!



  1. So glad to hear from you! I hope you continue to feel better. I'm still watching your Project Life Pages videos for constant inspiration:) Blessings to you and yours.


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