I'm Back

Hello friends, just a quick post to say thanks for your patience.  I've been rather distracted for the past 10 days visiting some pretty special people.  I'm sure you'll understand why I haven't been writing but I will share a few favorite shots of the time I spent with my precious family.

We spent a week in the home of our daughter and son-in-law in Georgia.  What a pleasure it was to reconnect with them and their darling babies!!  Not only that, but my brother and his lovely wife joined us as well so we are feeling very blessed indeed.  My plan is to ramp up my writing again so I'm hopeful you'll join me for the next chapters of My Story.

But for now, feast your eyes on this......

 (Jon re-enlisted and we all got to be there for the ceremony in the park)

 (Kassidy was fascinated with this box and played with it for a LONG time)

 (Boys watching cars chases, car rebuilds, car explanations......)

 (Liam received his first lessons about fishing from our family professional, Uncle Russ)

  (And of course, Liam also needed his first football instruction from Daddy)

 (The beautiful mother and daughter duo)

 (And the beautiful sister-in-law, Vivian)

 (Some of us toured this piratey ship!)

Many good memories made. The amazing thing to me is that Jeremy and I were quite sick with a nasty bug almost the entire time we were there, yet we still managed to have a great time, guess it's all that good company!

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